“My house was done 10 years ago in very traditional/mediterranean style. Frankly I got very tired of it and outgrew the look. I didn't want to completely redo everything since I thought I wanted to sell. So Lauren had quite a challenge to update to fresh transitional while 'stuck with' some of the original. I've worked with a lot of designers personally and professionally over the years, and she is simply a MASTER at achieving the balance of new and old, and creating clean, fresh, transitional Zen-like spaces. 

“Furthermore, she is NOT a diva. She works her tail off and works extremely well with contractors and architects. She's done mega mansions in Chicago and Florida, but she's also done smaller remodels — just finishing an AMAZING transformation of a oldy-moldy Biltmore patio home into a jewel box on an incredibly tight budget. Plus she's a fun person to work and hang out with.”

Anne Mariucci Phoenix, Arizona